Our portfolio


We focus on companies with powerful franchise qualities and that are exposed to long-term, preferably secular or “seismic”, growth trends.

Franchise qualities may spring out of many sources (e.g., patented technology, world-class competence, supreme location, unique business model or solid market position) and provide the foundation for our long term approach. We do not invest in companies to sell them; rather we invest to help develop them further, and then further again.

Below are our main portfolio holdings



RTI Logo 3RTI is the pioneer and world leader in developing solutions for quality assurance of diagnostic X-Ray imaging equipment. RTI is very R&D-intensive and has developed a unique technology platform that provides for the most competitive combination of both hardware and software technology within its domain. RTI is represented globally through subsidiaries and distributors and is No.2 in the global market place based on sales.

There are two main underlying long-term growth drivers for RTI; longer and more active life expectancy and the never ending strive to optimize the trade-off between high-precision imaging and minimal dose.


Diadrom Holding 

Diadrom logo 2

Diadrom is a leading Scandinavian frontrunner when it comes to diagnostic solutions for advanced computer supported equipment and machinery. Diadrom is active in sectors such as automotive, defence, transportation, propulsion, power solutions, et cetera. Diadrom has also entered the area of Autotech with development assignments for global tier-1 and tier-2 suppliers in the automotive sector.

The underlying long-term growth driver for Diadrom is the ever increasing level of computerization of all sorts of capital goods, and the consequence this bears with it in terms of an increased need for diagnostic solutions.



Loga final (small)

Reguity is the leading digital platform for owners and investors in privately held companies in Northern Europe. The company offers a wide range of digital online/offline tools and services within the ‘regtech’, corporate finance and knowledge-sharing space.

The underlying long-term growth driver for Reguity is the huge potential in releasing locked-in capital and value in private non-listed ownership. 99% of all unlisted companies in Northern Europe are still outside such services (corresponding to a value of more than 25% of GDP for the region).


Envirochem & Envirostripp 

EnvirostrippEnvirochem is an innovative group of companies developing environmentally friendly chemical solutions for the heavy industry within areas such as paint-stripping and adhesive removal. Envirochem holds, through its subsidiary Envirostripp, a market leading position in Scandinavia for environmentally friendly industrial paint stripping.

The underlying long-term growth driver for Envirochem is the huge potential for environmental-friendly chemical solutions in domains that still use hazardous or pollutive chemicals/solutions.


St. Petersburg Property Company 

SPPC logo 2SPPC has a portfolio of centrally located high-end business properties in Saint Petersburg, Russia. High occupancy rates and solid yields are accomplished through the combination of high standards and attractive locations.